June 1-8 2019 UNA Community MB Chruch, Pararie, Mississippi

115'X50' Church with fellowship hall, bathrooms, electrical and roof.

The Statistics

  • Largest number of volunteers on site- 104 on Monday June 3.
  • Number of churchs represented- 12 (that we know for sure)
  • Number of states represented- 9 (AL,TN, IN, KY, MS, GA, IL, TX, MT)
  • Number of denominations represented- 3
  • Number of days worked- 6

The Summer 2019 Cherokee Baptist Association Carpenters for Christ mission took volunteers to UNA Community Missionary Baptist Church near West Point, Mississippi. The mission God had led us to build was a 115' by 50' church sanctuary that included both a worship sanctuary with a fellowship hall, office space, bathrooms, and baptistry. God taught us patience and to trust his timing for the work and materials. He provided all that was needed to completely "dry-in" the building by Saturday June 8. The Cherokee Baptist Association Carpenters for Christ welcomed ten new volunteers from last year's mission to Staunton Illinois and several others from both Alabama and Tennessee for their first time mission. The mission was slowed by the fact that the concrete pad was not ready until Tuesday June 4, and heavy rain on Wednesday night and Thursday slowed progress. However, the large number of volunteers made up the time by working hard and the building was to the point at which was planned when the carpenters departed. The carpenters enjoyed great meals provided by both the host church and the kitchen crew. Nightly devotions were a blessing to all with music and testimony and Sunday's worship service with the UNA Community folks was a blessing to all. A special thank you to all who worked on this mission of God for our brothers and sisters at UNA Community MB Church in Mississippi. Special thanks to the new volunteers who joined us this year from two other states and to Matt and his monkey.